Discovery Kyoto

Many know my passion for travel and photography.
Having thousands of photos and rather than let them die in the depths of a hard drive, I decided to publish a first photo book that goes straight to the point.

The content, whether paper or digital, is intended to help people discover Kyoto through photography.
Whether it is visits to places, culture, etc ...
It will help future travelers to make stress-free visit choices.

For others, rediscover the sensations and memories of their trip to the ancient Japanese capital or discover new places to visit off the beaten track.


The digital format (pdf) will give you the possibility to read it on digital media and can also serve as a guide, which is rather easy during your trip.

Links (in blue) have been created to facilitate your task and you lead directly to the website of the proposed place.

For other unrelated topics, just copy the title and paste it into your server page.


The photo book is a visual and practical guide with minimalist text.

Indeed, a photo says more than a text and will get you in the blink of an eye to the place you want to choose for your next destination.


To get them passionate about Japan ...
Each page will bring back wonderful memories.

It is the perfect gift to remind family, friends of wonderful memories from Japan.


Format 19x15 cm - Horizontal page - Open 40 cm

153 photo pages with minimalist text.

372 photos of unusual places, activities or cultures in the city of Kyoto and its surroundings.




Paper book = 31 $  + shipping 6 $

Digital= Price 16 $



Paper Book = 41 CAD + shipping costs + 7 CAD

Digital = 20 CAD


Paper = 26 £ + shipping 5 £

Digital =Price 13 £ 



Paper = 210 CNY + shipping 35 CNY

Digital =Price 103 CNY


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